WAB – Processor Overview

WAB – P component supports Delphi 4, 5, 6, and 7 and works directly with the contact fields and groups (distribution lists) in the default and additional Windows Address Books.


  • Reads all data from the Address Book
  • Writes any data to the Address Book
  • Directly edits any fields within the Address Book

The component uses the Windows Address Book API, thus ensuring compatibility with all older versions of Address Books and guaranteeing the fewest possible modifications of future versions of WAB.

WAB -P is a non-visual component, offering simple and straightforward features.


  • Creating an object that works with the default system’s Windows Address Book
    WAB := TWAB.Create('');
  • Creating an object that works with any Windows Address Book on the system
    WAB := TWAB.Create(FileName);

    (FileName being name of the file in the system)

  • Outputting all contacts from the default Windows Address Book into a listbox
    WAB := TWAB.Create('');
    for I := 0 to WAB.ContactCount - 1 do
  • Outputting the list of groups from Windows Address Book
    WAB := TWAB.Create('');
    for I := 0 to WAB.DistListCount - 1 do
  • Adding a contact to the group

    (The contact with index number 5 from the general list of contacts is being added to the group with index number 2).